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Where adaptable dairy free recipes and intuitive cooking intersect.

Have food allergies or dietary restrictions? Then you likely feel overwhelmed and isolated both in the kitchen and at the dinner table.

If you’ve ever felt like “why me?”, I get it.

I found out about my dairy allergy when I was 29, so it was a whole new learning curve in the kitchen.

The recipes I found not only lacked flavor but many times, they didn’t turn out and I didn’t know how to fix them to make them taste better.

It was so overwhelming and frustrating. Not to mention, expensive.

Little by little, I learned how to cook intuitively, which has skyrocketed my confidence, creativity, and resourcefulness.

Following a recipe doesn’t make you a better cook, improved cooking skills come from making cooking a habit and using your senses to guide you. As Samin Nosrat says, “Cooking is all about using your senses – especially common sense”.

Confidence in the kitchen starts from making small changes based on how something tastes, looks, and smells, which is something a recipe can’t tell you.

The recipes on A Nourishing Plate are meant to be used as a guide or starting point of inspiration for your next meal. How can you make a small change based on what you have on hand or to fit your preferred tastes or dietary needs?

My website is a place for home cooks who want to be more adventurous and intuitive in the kitchen (regardless of how you eat), but feel overwhelmed and don’t know where or how to start.

Cooking is all about using your senses – especially common sense. — Samin Nosrat

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You’ll find everything from recipes to cooking basics to ingredient substitutions, and pairings. All recipes include a “make it your way” section with ideas for add-ins, substitutions, and variations. These are a great way to exercise your intuitive muscle and help veer off the recipe path, while also being more resourceful and creative.